Sponsor a Surgery in Tanzania

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In Malawi, there are 7400 HIV-infected clients for every doctor

AMHF supports one of the best free HIV clinics in the country

Support for mission hospitals is falling

AMHF supporters have given nearly $2 million toward infrastructure, clinical care, and training

Nearly half of all health care in Africa is provided by mission hospitals and clinics

AMHF supports programs at 10 hospitals in seven countries

1 out of every 10 preventable deaths in Africa occurred because of lack of a surgeon

AMHF supports training of surgical residents

The World Bank has found that mission hospitals utilize resources to increase access for the poor

AMHF supports free surgery, HIV services, and primary care in multiple countries

Healthy life expectancy is under 50 years in many African countries

AMHF is supporting medical, surgical and dental care for over 75,000 people in 2011

Tanzania has just 1 doctor per 100,000 people

AMHF supports junior doctor training

There are only six dentists in Liberia

AMHF supports a dental clinic and training center in Monrovia

You can help us make a difference

AMHF and its partners depend on your generosity

More than 1 out of every 10 African children dies before the age of 5 years

AMHF supports nutritional rehabilitation in Sudan, and maternity services in Kenya

South Sudan Projects

AMHF supports eight partners in South Sudan:  hospitals and clinics, medicines and buildings, primary care and surgery.  Learn more from Dr. Fielder's trip in March 2013.


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